Monday, March 28, 2011

Giveaway from Miscellaneous Me on its First Anniversary

The Miscellaneous Me is turning 1 this April 2011 and she's celebrating it with a bang! She's giving away she beautiful fashion accessories from Miranda Miranda

Miranda Miranda has a wide selection of fashion accessories ranging from bracelets, earings, headbands and necklaces. There would be 3 lucky winners which would win any of the following:

This is a nymph necklace. It is made from freshwater pearls, hammer shells and mother-of-pearl chips. The pendant can be removed and used as a brooch.
Necklace size: 15 inches + 2-inch extender. (Choker)
This is a lariat necklace is a long necklace without locks or claps, which is usually worn by winding it once or twice around. It’s a very flexible fashion accessory that can be worn in many different ways.
This is part of the tiered majorica bracelet collection. It has 3 strands of Majorica pearls with ribbon and is on an elastic bracelet. 
How to join:

There will be one winner for each item. And joining is really easy!

1. Blog about this giveaway. Make sure that your post links back to this contest post. Please also include what accessory you like most from Miranda Miranda‘s accessories.

2. Subscribe to The Miscellaneous Me email feeds. The form can be found on the left sidebar.

3. Follow her using Google Friend Connect.

Please enter your information on this form to make your entry count!

If you have multiple blogs, you can enter as many times as you want for more entries. Just make sure you input your information on the form mentioned above. This giveaway starts on  March 19 until March 31. 3 winners will be drawn using manual raffle. This is open to bloggers with address in the Philippines only. For details, click here.  Again, Happy First Anniversary Miscellaneous Me!

Friday, September 18, 2009

How I Made Money Online with SocialSpark

Of all the make money online programs that I joined since I started blogging, only SocialSpark was the program that really helped me get passive income through blogging. Last September 11th, I reached my $20 cash out balance and was so excited to transfer my $23.00 balance to my paypal account. It may not look much to others but the point is, they really payout! And if you have really great blogs, you can earn even more! Besides, all I did was to put the code on my blog and let the readers click them. No sweat!

Proof that I cashed out $23.00 from my Social Spark earnings!

There are many sponsored reviews, blog reviews or sponsored post programs available but only SocialSpark has helped me make money online by putting PPC campaigns on my blog. Their PPC campaign works similar to Google Adsense only better because you have the option to post the link on Twitter, Facebook or on your blog! Imagine being able to make money through social networking or simply putting the code on your blog and when your readers click it, you get paid for a minimum of 0.11 for up to 0.27 per click! That's way higher than Google Adsense .01 or .08 per click! When the Twitter trending topic #nickjonassideboob became the top topic, my blog got about 30,978 page impressions or visits and my visitors were interested with my then Adobe photoshop campaign and started clicking on it! I noticed a substantial increase on my PPC earnings then and a couple of days ago I got post opportunities which costs $5.00 per post. There are many opportunities in the said site depending on your blog's niche, your location and your visitors.

With SocialSpark, making money online is really true and if you're such a blogging freak, you'll enjoy the lovely community too!

If you want to know other opportunities of making money online, feel free to follow me on Twitter! Or click on these trusted sites of mine.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making Money Online Tips

With the current economic status of the world, everybody wants to earn money in every possible and legal way we could. We all want to make money at home, be promoted at work in order to make both ends meet and most of the people who spend most of their time online also hope to make some cash out of what they're doing. Like everyone else, I alway wanted to make money online too and always looked for ways on how to do so.

Many successful internet marketers tried every possible ways they could ever think of such as affiliate marketing, blogging, video or viral marketing as well as selling products online. Let's take a closer look at each approaches and see what exactly might work for you.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Your site regularly garners a lot of readers and viewers and they all seem to be very ecstatic about everything that you say or post. You're known to be an expert in the niche that you've chosen, people ask advices from you and they trust what you deem to be right. Now, it's about time to make money out that image and start accepting affiliates or better choose an affiliate program wherein you could get paid with the referrals or sales from the referrals you direct to your affiliates' site. Take Clickbank for example. Millions of internet marketers around the world are enjoying checks monthly from this affiliate program.

2. Blogging

Probably the most common and the most trusted by many internet marketers as an effective medium in making money online. Choose a niche that you will not only enjoy but will also become both highly interesting and relevant to your target readers. A lot of people do not realize the amount and making money opportunity they could get from blogging. Some just blurb about their daily activities which may seem interesting but not entirely relevant to its readers. You see, no one really cares about what you ate the other day except your friends and relatives. If you're really serious about making money, then you better think of a niche wherein you have a broad knowledge and is relevant to your readers or visitors. If you are fond of reading, then you could probably start posting about your reviews and eventually sign up for an Amazon affiliate program.

3. Video or Viral Marketing

Most of the YouTube stars are paid doing viral or video marketing. Take Venetian Princess, Dave Days, Obama Girl for example. They are all paid to influence the people who view their video posts and the people who pay them eventually get tons of traffic after being referred by these viral marketers. If you think you've got the talent to influence other people, then approach might probably be your way to making money online. YouTube has been flooded with people who sell their products online and you too, could take advantage of this free way to market your products to people who spend most of their time watching videos of their interest.

Now, what approach do you think will work best for you? Stop wasting time wishing that you'd make it big or make money online by just sitting in front of the computer and start working your ass to earn those dollars!