Friday, September 18, 2009

How I Made Money Online with SocialSpark

Of all the make money online programs that I joined since I started blogging, only SocialSpark was the program that really helped me get passive income through blogging. Last September 11th, I reached my $20 cash out balance and was so excited to transfer my $23.00 balance to my paypal account. It may not look much to others but the point is, they really payout! And if you have really great blogs, you can earn even more! Besides, all I did was to put the code on my blog and let the readers click them. No sweat!

Proof that I cashed out $23.00 from my Social Spark earnings!

There are many sponsored reviews, blog reviews or sponsored post programs available but only SocialSpark has helped me make money online by putting PPC campaigns on my blog. Their PPC campaign works similar to Google Adsense only better because you have the option to post the link on Twitter, Facebook or on your blog! Imagine being able to make money through social networking or simply putting the code on your blog and when your readers click it, you get paid for a minimum of 0.11 for up to 0.27 per click! That's way higher than Google Adsense .01 or .08 per click! When the Twitter trending topic #nickjonassideboob became the top topic, my blog got about 30,978 page impressions or visits and my visitors were interested with my then Adobe photoshop campaign and started clicking on it! I noticed a substantial increase on my PPC earnings then and a couple of days ago I got post opportunities which costs $5.00 per post. There are many opportunities in the said site depending on your blog's niche, your location and your visitors.

With SocialSpark, making money online is really true and if you're such a blogging freak, you'll enjoy the lovely community too!

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